Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Where am I?

"Sometimes I really just feel like screaming very, very loud, but that is usually just indigestion or a lack of exercise. " -I don't know, but someone should have said it.

Well, things keep moving on. I am approaching the end of the semester. I need to get my final exams in line, approved, and xeroxed. I have decided to be super mean and give all essay finals where the students must choose 5 out of 7 choices and write 1.5-2 page essays on the topic.

I know that it is cruel, but the department is trying to work on its assessment. We are trying to get away from objective based tests. In general, I agree, but I think that they will be surprised when half of my class gets a D or F on the final because they have never been forced to write a decent essay.

In other news, I received a small, named scholarship for my work on faith, culture, and communication. It gets me a small honorarium and attendence at a super-cool banquet. I know that it is small, but it is very exciting to be recognized for my work, even if it is from my alma mater. It still counts right?

Also, I have been working on my dissertation. In my search for sources on philosophy and noir, I found the work of Thomas Hibbs, a prof at Baylor. He is working on a book on noir that looks at it somewhat similarly to my approach, only using different philosophers and a more "Christian" view of the redemption/responsibility of the protagonists.

Anyway, he was kind enough to send me a draft copy of his book, and I was surprised when he asked me for my input and comments. I tentatively sent him a couple observations and questions on the first chapter. He wrote back that they were very helpful, and he would love if I wouldn't mind to do that for each chapter.

Now, I know, on one level, that I am somewhat being used to help find typos and act as a sounding board, but on the other side, I am hoping to use him in the future as a potential contact, maybe even a fourth member of my diss committee. He is the Dean of something at a very prestigious school, and he has written the cover comments on a number of books on philosophy and noir. So, it might not hurt to get used a bit.

Finally, Jenna and i are moving up to Toledo in a month. I will really miss being able to ride my bike to school on nice days like this, but in all honesty, Ohio is not really this nice but for 6-12 weeks a year max.